We understand that it can sometimes be hard to find a reliable support person or network, especially when you are undergoing your own unique spiritual journey.

This is why we created a mentoring & support program and a monthly membership, so that no matter who you are, where you live or what you’re going through, you can be supported.

Our four week mentoring & support program includes a variety of our products and services, that are delivered to you over a four week period, to allow time to process and heal as you move through the program. 

Our ongoing monthly membership works as a subscription, which gives you access to our private monthly online support sessions, our range of ebooks and a different guided meditation each month.  

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ETHEREAL WINGS MENTORING & SUPPORT  (Worth $276 / Package Price: $144)

This package includes:

1 x 30 minute Sacred Source Healing
2 x 15 minute Healy Aura Analysis’s
1 x 15 Minute One on One Mentoring / Support Session 
2 x Guided Meditations 
1 x Ethereal Wings Ebook
1 x 30 minute Group Zoom Support Call 

Once you purchase the package, we will contact you to book in your Sacred Source Healing, Healy Sessions & Mentoring Session. You will be emailed you first meditation and ebook in the first two weeks, and then sent the zoom group call meeting info and your second meditation in the last two weeks of your program. 

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Each month you will receive:

1 x Guided Meditation
1 x Ethereal Wings Ebook
1 x 30 minute Group Zoom Support Call 

Payments are deducted on a monthly subscription basis and you can cancel at anytime.

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“It’s when we start working together that the real healing takes place.”
— David Hume