Our Founder’s First Hand Experience

I was introduced to this incredible healing liquid “ASEA“, in December 2021. After hearing about and reading so many amazing reviews about it, I decided to purchase it for myself, my young cat and my parents.

They usually say to give it a few months to notice any major changes, however I’ve been drinking ASEA for a month and I have noticed a few small changes and one MAJOR change so far.

I have been a chronic hay fever sufferer and no amount of sprays, eye drops and hay fever pills ever provided any relief. Add to that all the natural ways of dealing with my allergies, including herbal teas, honey….nothing ever provided me with the relief I craved from even being able to breathe properly. The last couple of years, my hay fever has been particularly bad causing me to not be able to sleep at night because I was struggling to breathe. Not even after a month of drinking ASEA, ALL of my hay fever symptoms are GONE. No itchy eyes, nose or throat, no sniffles……nothing. I have a pack of hay fever pills I have not touched in the last month! This is HUGE because I have suffered with this for so long. I have also noticed my energy and sleep are way better and I cannot wait to see what it continues to do!

Helping Loved Ones

My parents have also started to drink ASEA and I wanted them to try it as my dad had a bypass a couple of years ago. We are looking forward to seeing what it does for his heart, but just a few weeks of drinking ASEA he already feels like he has more energy. My mother is on the waitlist for a cataract operation and her vision is blurry and eyes are constantly watering. My mother drinks the beverage and drops it into her eyes a few times a day. She told me the other day that the watering is pretty much non-existent and she was able to see the dust on a houseplant on the other side of the room! My mother is going to continue to drink this and visit her optometrist in a few months to see if she still requires an operation. She is hoping she doesn’t! The gel is incredible too (which is the concentrated version of the drink) and my parents have used it on their aching muscles and joint pain and found relief.

Additionally, my young cat has chronic kidney disease and a condition where his eyes water frequently. I have been giving him ASEA orally and also dropping the liquid into his eyes. The first time I syringed it into his mouth, he gave me a huge cuddle and covered my face in kisses (as though he knew this would help him). I am so excited to see what ASEA does for his CKD and I am already seeing the effects on his eyes, which are watering significantly less than before in such a short time.

I feel this is just the beginning of a long relationship with ASEA for myself and my family. I’m noticing so many improvements already and I cannot wait to see what it does for the more chronic conditions in our family.

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