Harmz is the founder and owner of Ethereal Wings. Based in Melbourne Australia, Ethereal Wings was born out of the loss of someone extremely close to her. After going through several major ‘dark nights of the soul’, she felt it was time to truly start living her soul’s purpose and helping empaths, lightworkers and healers along their journey (something she has always wanted to do and was doing unofficially for a long time).

The products (candles, diffusers, bath salts etc) are one part of the business and each product is handmade personally by Harmz. However a significant part of Ethereal Wings is the energy work, healing, spiritual mentoring, support and raising consciousness. Harmz loves to offer her services to clients based on her own life’s journey and everything she has experienced so far.

One trait that really shines through is her knowledge and authenticity when working with clients, because she draws on life and soul experience. Often called an ‘old soul’, this is obvious during sessions in the way she connects with and intuitively knows the journey of each individual client ❤


Energy healing & spiritual mentoring

Harmz works with committed empaths, lightworkers and healers, who wish to uplevel on their spiritual journey. While she still offers single sessions for those who need it, the work now is focused around her spiritual mentoring program. This amazing program allows empaths, lightworkers and healers to go deeper into their journey, work on their traumas and struggles in a safe space and UPLEVEL, so they can start to truly live their soul’s purpose in a way that deeply honours them.

For more information about this, please go to Spiritual Mentoring under Services.

Harmz uses some of the following healing modalities in her work (more information under Services):
-Sacred Source Healing
-Past Life Regression/Higher Self Hypnosis
-Quantum Jumping
-Trauma Release
-Inner Child Healing
-Ancestral Healing
-Plus powerful journeys that Harmz may use ‘on the fly’ during sessions, with the aim to assist clients with healing & self empowerment on the deepest level


Harmz empowers her clients to learn the tools for their own healing moving forward. Her work is extremely transformative and allows the client to access the gifts, healing and medicine within themselves. Harmz does not work in a ‘new-agey’ manner and does not use anything external to the client’s own energy (and the energy of Mother Earth), ie no archangels, guides etc.


Ethereal Wings works with clients in Australia and all over the world. Sessions are conducted via Zoom.