** Due to our mentoring services, we have a limited number of individual Sacred Source Healing sessions. Sacred Source Healing is a very advanced healing modality. The clients this healing resonates with are those who have been on the spiritual path for a while and have already done some inner work (and those who are willing to do the inner work. Read more about my client base below). Please read the below information prior to booking a session. Please note that all sessions are via Zoom. All sessions must be booked by clicking on the ‘Book now’ link **

For international clients or those outside Melbourne, please choose your timezone from the drop down box when choosing your session. You will be able to view sessions in your timezone **

Using knowledge from ancient civilisations, the pyramids and the Goddesses /guides /ancestors.

Applying sacred healing protocols (words you repeat after us), your intention, ancient symbols, sacred geometry and powerful visualisations, Sacred Source Healing uses 5th dimensional energy and gives you the tools to be your own healer. We are ALL powerful beings and we all have the power within us to heal. We have the templates and blueprints within each of us to unlock our own mastery. You’ll learn how to unlock these powers that lie dormant in your DNA. This form of healing is about the new paradigm, the new earth and we show you how to access this power within yourself. 

This is the most powerful healing modality we’ve ever worked with,using the gold pyramid of healing. Sacred Source Healing works on the subconscious level. It empowers and transmutes any issue into a state of perfection, the way Creator intended for us. 

Sacred Source Healing assists with any issue, including:

  • Past life and karmic issues
  • Assisting you to ‘connect the dots’ on the soul contracts/lessons you came here to learn and connecting this to your blocks/trauma/suffering in this life
  • DNA and ancestral healing
  • Clearing trauma and imbalance
  • Positive transformation in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states
  • Cord cutting
  • Energy blocks and self limiting beliefs
  • Manifesting
  • Chakra balancing
  • Creating your new reality
  • Distant and global healing
  • Spiritual awakening/ascension symptoms
  • Inner child healing
  • Collective consciousness healing
  • Soul retrieval
  • C0vid v@x healing (click HERE to view info/book this separate protocol)

…or whatever issue is presenting at the time.


What to expect in a session:

  • We start the session with a client assessment form and questionnaire and go through the priority issues you would like addressed 
  • During the session, we will be using a combination of your intention to heal, visualisations (you will visualise using the gold ankh pyramid) and sacred protocols – which are high vibrational words that you will repeat after us. Our thoughts and words have a very powerful impact on our DNA
  • Have some water with you as you will be talking throughout the session


The gold ankh pyramid and sacred protocols:

We are powerful beings and alchemists and have the ability to alchemise/transmute energies. Using powerful visualisations and Sacred Protocols (powerful words you repeat), the ankh pyramid is a transformative and powerful tool. The ankh pyramid is a physical representation of your higher self, so we will be using your higher self in order to heal. Because this modality works on a subconscious/DNA level, you may be releasing past life and ancestral trauma. Our DNA and higher self holds all our information throughout all our lifetimes, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t remember your past lives or the ancestral family trauma that needs to be healed etc….because this information is already stored in your DNA. We are working on this level! Harmz won’t be doing the healing for you. She will facilitate the process and hold sacred space for you . You will be doing the work during the session and the best thing about this is that you will have the tools to continue with your own healing even after your session.

As you’re visualising, you will also be repeating sacred protocols. These are high vibrational words, very similar to affirmations and they are very powerful. We have the ability to create our reality with our thoughts and the words we speak. As you are repeating these protocols, you are making a very conscious effort to raise your vibration with the words that you speak and facilitate healing on a very deep level.


Note: Please be advised that any healing modality requires your intention to heal. Others can assist us in our healing journey and show you the tools, but ultimately each of us needs to want the healing and put in the work in order for changes to occur. Sacred Source Healing is an advanced form of energy healing. Read more about our clientele below. For this modality to be effective, you would need to be familiar with intention and the spiritual concepts listed above and it would be helpful if you are able to connect with your higher self.


Our clients and the people who benefit most from working with us are already on the path to personal healing or have been on their spiritual journey for a while. We also work with those who are newly awakening to their spiritual journey.  Clients must be willing to go deep and do the inner/shadow work, willing to take responsibility for their own journey/healing and those that are willing to put into practice all the tools at their disposal. Our clients realise that all the healing, knowledge and answers are within them and others can only assist and guide them along their journey.


1st session: AUD$244 – 90 minutes 

Any subsequent sessions: AUD$188 – 60 minutes

If you are unable to afford to pay for a session upfront, we are able offer payment in instalments. Please go to the booking link and check out the session times in your timezone. Do not book online, but email Harmz with the session time you’d like to book in for and the amount and frequency of the instalments you are able to pay. Harmz will then email you an invoice for each payment. The session will be held tentatively for you until it is paid off. 

Note: Please choose a date for your session where you know you will have it paid in full. Our Terms & Conditions require for all sessions to be paid in full first. 


Once Sacred Source Healing gives you the tools for healing, you may only require a handful of sessions (sometimes even only one!). Additionally, you will learn the tools for self-healing moving forward.

Let go of fear, replace it with trust and open your consciousness to your own power!

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Online video call sessions

Ethereal Wings work with many clients who live locally, interstate and overseas (you will be able to view and choose sessions in your timezone). We currently only offer online video sessions via Zoom. As long as you have a decent internet connection, we can conduct the session via this method (as Sacred Source Healing is not a hands on modality). Please ensure to download Zoom before your session, using this link and ensure you are able to use it so it doesn’t cut in to your session time: https://zoom.us

During the session, please be somewhere you can lay down or sit back in a chair comfortably. Have some water with you as you will be doing a lot of talking.

We would like Sacred Source Healing to be available to everyone! 


Please read our Terms & Conditions – https://etherealwings.com.au/terms-conditions/ 


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