Spiritual Mentoring


This 6 month mentorship is for empaths, lightworkers and healers who are serious & committed to transformation on their spiritual journey & are wanting to uplevel. Below are some issues we can work on (but are not limited to):

  • Are you struggling to move forward in an area(s) of your life?
  • Do you lack the confidence to awaken to your soul gifts/abilities?
  • Do you struggle with worthiness/confidence to move into your soul purpose or healing work?
  • Are you struggling with triggers, setting healthy boundaries and feel you are blocked in some way?
  • Do you feel you’re not completely trusting your inner guidance?


Many of the issues we face can be due to energetic blockages and/or trauma.

-Learn how to overcome trauma (this or past lifetimes) & energetic blockages that prevent you moving forward
-Understand the ‘higher purpose’ & soul lessons of your trauma/blocks (ie what were the lessons you wanted to learn as a ‘soul’)
-Release trauma/blocks, so that you can start to be free of the pain & start to live in the frequency of spirit
-Work on the ancestral ties that keep you bound to your trauma/blocks/pain, so that you not only free yourself but also future generations
Apply for a complimentary 1:1 Zoom call with Harmz to discuss what you’d like to work on, the way in which this mentorship can assist you and also to determine suitability.


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