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** Please note that as of June 2023, we have extended this mentoring program from 4 to 6 months. Some current clients have wanted to continue working with me for longer, therefore it made sense to extend the mentorship. A longer mentorship means deeper transformation and the ability to work with you on a deeper level. Working with me for 6 months also means more 1:1 time with me **

The 6 month spiritual mentorship is for those who wish to accelerate and UPLEVEL in their spiritual journey. There are limited spots available for those who are ready to go deep into transformative inner work.

If this is you, you are invited to a complimentary 1:1 Zoom with me (Harmz).

What’s included in your complimentary Zoom call:

-Create a safe and sacred container to discover where trauma/blockages/challenges may be preventing you from moving forward in this life

-You will be heard in regards to your challenges and the ways you’ve been struggling, so that we can clarify the deeper issues you may be struggling with on your spiritual journey 

-Together we will discuss the ways in which our 6 month mentorship can assist you in understanding/overcoming your challenges on a deep level, so that you can step into your purpose as a healer/lightworker or share your gifts, build more soul-connected relationships, step into your power as a spiritual being or create a life that’s more peaceful/happy/fulfilled and self-honouring

Together we will create a plan for you towards a life that is deeply self honouring. We would love to provide immense value to you during our complimentary call.


Apply for your free 1:1 Zoom call

Note from Harmz:

I warmly invite you to a complimentary video call with me. I will review each questionnaire personally to ensure that you’re someone I can really help (we don’t want to waste your time if it’s not a good fit for our mentorship).

If it’s a match, we’ll email you to schedule a time for your session as soon as possible.

I LOVE serving empaths/lightworkers/healers through these complimentary sessions.

They tend to be life changing when you show up open to possibility and together we let the magic unfold.

Complete the brief application above and if I know I can help. I’ll provide ALL details about the mentorship over our Zoom call (I will not provide information over email).

Once your responses have been received and if we feel that it’s a match, I’ll contact you to schedule your complimentary video call. 

Who is this 6 month spiritual mentorship suitable for?
  • Empaths/lightworkers/healers who are active in their own spiritual work/have been on their spiritual journey a while (you MUST be someone who is committed to your journey and has integrity). You’re someone who is willing to commit to the duration of the mentorship (for those of you who have never worked with me, this is part of the reason I do the 1:1 calls, so you can get a sense of me and how I work)
  • You are needing some guidance to uplevel on your journey
  • Someone who is committed to their spiritual journey, understands the importance of doing the inner/shadow work (and is willing to go there with a facilitator/mentor), is self responsible and willing to grow and transform


This may not be for you if:

  • You’re not willing to take responsibility for your own journey
  • You’re not willing to delve deep into the shadow work and/or are not open to the ‘higher perspectives’ of your struggles
  • You’re not willing to ‘do the inner work’
  • You’re still caught up in spiritual dogma 


My promise – If you are selected for my mentorship program, you’ll be provided with a safe and loving space to go deep into your struggles. You can read real client reviews/feedback at the bottom of this page.

Apply for your free 1:1 zoom call

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