Rediscover self love through inner child work
(Healing from the original source of trauma)

I have worked with many clients over the last few years and some of the most powerful work happens when you start to heal your inner child. I’ve discovered that many of the challenges we face on this path have their origins in deep rooted wounding and trauma from childhood, past lives and possibly also multidimensional lives.

This is open to all Australian and international clients xx


What are some of the struggles you may be facing?

Here are some of the most common ones below:

✨Inability to fully speak your truth/express yourselves. Playing ‘small’
✨Inability to regulate your emotions
✨Trust issues, insecurity, feeling like you don’t belong (whether it be in your birth family or even on this planet)
✨Low self worth (this is a huge one!)
✨Seeking love & validation from external sources (inability to find or cultivate self love)
✨Struggling to ‘go within’ to find your truth. Fear of rejection/being seen
✨Dealing with a ‘dark night of the soul’ & unable to navigate your spiritual awakening
✨Blockages to soul gifts & abilities
✨Standing in your power, dealing with triggers & boundary setting
✨Negative self beliefs/old programming
✨Dealing with ancestral trauma/wounds
✨Struggling to work towards your soul’s purpose, or even knowing what it is
✨Feeling like you are not ‘from here’, feeling different and isolated

What you will receive?

✨A powerful ‘4 session’ package, consisting of weekly or fortnightly (depending on your preference) 1 hour sessions 
✨Working with me as I guide you to the original source of your trauma or block (using a variety of powerful modalities)
✨Integration work with your healed self

This package is being offered at AUD$344 😍

To book: Email me at with the city and country you are in. You’ll then be sent a payment link (which will need to be paid before your session) and we will work out a mutually convenient time to book your sessions.

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