Quantum jump into your desired reality

Email Harmz at harmz@etherealwings.com.au to book a time for this session. Please ensure to email the city & country you are from so we can check timezones.

Once a suitable date is booked, you will be sent a payment link or an invoice (which will need to be fully paid before the session). AUD$222 for 1.5 to 2 hours).


This is a powerful meditation journey conducted 1:1. It is about connecting to your highest timeline and coming into alignment with that. It is about letting go and not controlling the process, but allowing your inner essence to show you what is meant for you (sometimes it’s something more amazing than we could ever imagine!). You will quantum jump to your highest timeline (for two things you wish to manifest) and you will feel and experience the reality already created, according to your soul plan. You will then bring these powerful manifestation codes back into your present reality.

This activation was facilitated in a group event for the Lion’s Gate portal on 8/8/2022.

This journey will include:

  • Grounding and protection
  • Activating your light body
  • Quantum jumping to the reality already created (guided by your own higher consciousness), where you will spend 15 minutes for each manifestation experiencing this reality.  Bringing back powerful manifestation codes from each of these realities
  • Integrating these codes back into present reality
Who is this activation suitable for?
  • Those who have been on their spiritual journey for a while and are consistently doing the inner/spiritual work on themselves
  • Those who have worked on their manifestation/money/abundance blocks (it doesn’t matter if you still have some blocks, however you are required to have done a lot of the work up to this point)
  • Those who are active in their own spiritual work


Why is this being offered as a 1:1 session and not a guided meditation we can listen to?

Harmz is offering this as a 1:1 session because it is important to have someone experienced to hold space for you. Before the session starts, Harmz will create a safe and sacred space for you so you can experience this journey with ease. She will also ensure you are completely back in your body after the journey is over and these are the reasons why it is offered as a private session. All sessions are conducted via Zoom.
Important – booking information:
This is very advanced/high-level spiritual work. Harmz’s role is to facilitate you through this powerful journey and hold space for you. You will be sent a questionnaire to complete in the booking confirmation email. Please complete this and submit it for review.


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