Email Harmz at to book a time for this session. Please ensure to email the city & country you are from so we can check timezones.

Once a suitable date is booked, you will be sent a payment link or an invoice (which will need to be fully paid before the session). AUD$333 for up to 2 hours.


This is a powerful journey where Harmz will guide you into a deep hypnotic state (and connect with your subconscious, or superconscious mind). 

Sometimes (however not always) the challenges we may face in this current lifetime, may have a past life connection. So in connecting to previous lifetimes, we have a better understanding of current life lessons. 

You will then connect in with your Higher Self, where you can ask questions that will enable you to understand who you are more fully. This is a powerful and life changing experience where you may be able to discover your life’s purpose and re-align your life path. We may even do a little healing/releasing towards the end if needed.

So the entire session is quite intensive and will include past life regression, higher self hypnosis and powerful healing (if required).